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Learn Gujarati is a book specially designed to teach anyone - persons aged seven years to adults - how to speak and write effectively in the Gujarati language. Designed especially for individuals who currently speak and read English, the book is a self-learning tool, and is the most complete product ever published in English to teach the Gujarati language.

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Learn Gujarati

Softcover Book: $24.95
CD-ROM: $89.95
Learn Gujarati teaches the language's fundamentals, vocabulary, grammar, conversational sentences, prose and poetry, idioms and proverbs. It also contains an English-Gujarati index of words can serve as a useful dictionary.

Printed and published in the United States, Learn Gujarati is written in an innovative organized manner, and is designed to help beginners learn the language in a simple, step-by-step method. The exercises at the end of chapters help you check the progress and make learning more interesting. The book may be used by an individual or as part of a group instruction. However, the book emphasizes the proven concept of learning a language with minimal assistance from others. Ample written examples and exercises are provided to compensate for the lack of constant usage in the daily environment, and the user will be able to communicate effectively in the new language.

This book shares a similar format with its counterpart, Learn Hindi, making it simple to learn both languages consecutively or even simultaneously.

Learn Gujarati CD-ROM (Windows/PC Version Only)

Now you can learn how to read, write, speak, translate, know and understand the Gujarati Language - including basics to the advanced grammar - with our new Learn Gujarati CD-ROM.

The Learn Gujarati Multimedia CD-ROM is based on the book Learn Gujarati. It contains 7 major sections, including: Fundamentals, Vocabulary, Grammar, Conversation in Gujarati, Idioms and Proverbs, Prose and Poems and Games. The CDROM is a complete language learning system for novices as well as those who are already fluent in the Gujarati Language.

System Requirements

  • IBM compatible PC w/ Intel Pentium Processor or higher;
  • All Windows Oprating System with all updates;
  • 16mb RAM (32mb recommended);
  • 8x or higher CD-ROM drive;
  • 16-bit video display;
  • SoundBlaster 16 or compatible

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